Støttebrev for Nacer Amari

Nacer Amari er ateist og flyktning fra Tunis og Romania, og søker asyl i Danmark. Ateistene har sendt dette brevet til danske myndigheter som støtte for hans søknad.

Nacer Amari


The Norwegian Atheists is a Norwegian atheist with about 500 members. We have contact with several people and organizations who are fighting for the lives and health of atheists in other countries, threatened by life from groups or nations that do not recognize human rights to dissociate from religion.

In Norway, about half of the population count as non-religious, and place themselves in the category of atheist or humanist. Here it is safe to be an atheist – many can call themselves an atheist with a shrug. Some are nevertheless very proud of their atheism, our belief is not just a negation, but the very foundation of our understanding of reality – our recognition of life, our ability to think critically.

That’s how it is for Nacer Amari. But in addition, his outlook on life is a threat to his own existence. He cares about others, fighting for human rights, women’s rights, for all their rights threatened by religion and especially Islam. We warmly support his application for asylum in Denmark.

THE CASE OF NACER AMARI, in his own words:

«I am a Tunisian citizen living temporarily in Romania, since 2012. I have identified as an atheist since 1996. I left Tunisia after the revolution (arab spring) in 2011, when I received numerous death threats. Arriving in Romania, the authorities first gave me a temporary residence permit valid for one year, after this, I got a 5 years temporary residence permit. Currently I hold another temporary residence permit for one year, which will expire on October 3rd 2019.

I am a blogger and activist for human rights, women’s rights, minorities (religious, ethnic), freedom of thought, atheists, LGBTQ, and so on.

The Romanian police has been harassing me on many occasions for the interest of the Muslim community where I live, as I am a well known ex Muslim there and they don’t like my atheism and human rights activities.

The police call me from time to time and they order me to stop talking about atheism in social media and investigate about why I am participating in events and if someone is helping me or even financing me.

They threatened me to not tell anyone that they were harassing me, not even my wife. This caused many problems, which lead to a divorce.

They threatened to destroy my life and send me back to Tunisia, and I had no idea what could happen if I didn’t meet with them.


I have been involved in many projects, which proves my activism is genuine and that my situation is unsafe should I be returned to Tunisia. I started my activism (as a writer) on some Arabic websites in 2012, here are some references:الناصر+لعماري

In 2016, I created the blog:

In 2017 I received an award by Kazimierz Lyszczynski Foundation in Poland. I was invited to the European Parliament on 6th December 2018 for the event “The Freedom of Thought Report 2018”, organized by the European Humanist Federation and published by Humanists international. This event documents legal discrimination and different forms of persecution faced by humanists, atheists and other marginalized groups around the world.

Amari won the international award “Atheist of the Year” in 2017 and 2019.
Amari left Romania on 28th March, and has now applied for asylum in Denmark.
Latest news article about Nacer Amari:

Yours sincerely,
Dagfinn Eckhoff,

President, Norwegian Atheists


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